NESMA Members

Name Genre
"Big Wave" Dave Becker West Coast Surf Ambassador of the Aquamarines
3rd Wave Guitar-based instrumentals, mostly surf
9th Wave Hot Rod Surf
Agent Octopus Instrumental, Surf
AmpFibians Surf-inspired Rock, Spy, Garage Rock
Aqualads Surf & Instrumental
Aquatudes Original and Classic Surf Rock, Exotica, Authentic Rockabilly, Vintage Rock 'n Roll
Atom Bumz Surf, Instro, Garage
Atomic Mosquitos Atomic Surf
B11 Instrumental
Balboas Degenerate Punk Surf
Beachcombovers Surf Instrumentals
Big Surf Surf, Prog Surf, World Surf   
Big Wipeouts Instrumental Surf Rock
Bitch Boys Slovenia's premier surf rock band
Black Transmitter Surf, Rock, Soundtrack
Blandingos Instro, Surf
Blue Demons Instrumental Surf
Blue Wave Theory Surf, Instrumental Rock
Bongo Surf Traditional Surf Instrumental
Bosch Surf, Garage Rock
Brigantines Surf-Pop
Brine-iacs Surf Obsessed Surf
Cadillac Hitmen Desert Surf
Captain Ahab & the Sea Crackens Nautical Salty Sea Captain Surf
Chillers Authentic Rock & Roll and Surf
Clams Instro Surf, TV:Movie
Cliff Divers Surf
Cliffs & Bangers Surf, Punk, Rock
Cocktail Preachers Surf, Instro, Lounge, Tiki
Coffin Daggers Psychedelic Surf Punk
Come Arounds Surf Vocal Pop
Commercial Interruption Progressive, Surf, Instro
Coppertones Surf Rock
Crimson Ghosts Instrumental Surf Tribute to the Misfits
Crustaceans Surf, Pre-surf, Hot Rod, TV, Spy
Curl Daddys California (60's) Surf, Rockabilly
Curse of Kona Traditional Surf
Cutback Instrumental Surf
Danger Nuts Surf Rock, Instrumental
Deathbed Bride Voodoo-Swamp Surf Punk
Defiant Ones Punk-Surf
Del Rios Surf & Instro Rock
Derangers Surf, Desert Surf, "Westermental"
Diamondheads "We don't just play surf!"
Dick Dale (1937-2019) King of the Surf Guitar
East Coast Tremors Psycho Surf
El Muchacho Surf, Punk, Garage
El Patapsco Twangy instro
Elektra Kings Surf and Spy
Fathoms Surf
Fin-Dicators Surfin' Rock
Fisherman Vibraphonic Burlesque, Tiki, Lounge, Exotica
Gein & the Graverobbers Instro Horror Surf
Go! Tsunami Surf, Rock
Gremmies Surf, Instro
Hang Daddy Surf, Instrumental
Heavies Industrial Strength Surf
Howlin' Thurstons Surf, Punk
Hypnotide Surf, Surf-Punk, Blast Beats
Inland Surf Band Instro Surf
Isotopes Instrumental Surf
Jagaloons Surf, assorted instrumental (spy/spaghetti western/etc.)
Jonnie Dog and the Dingos Beach-based power twang
Killer Filler Instrumental Surf, Soul, Lounge etc.
Killers From Space Space, Surf
Laika & the Cosmonauts Finland's finest surf/instro band (retired)
Los Cobras Head-Boppin', Hip-Shakin', Sand-Kickin' Surf!
Los Pinguinos Instrumental Surf
Los Straitjackets America's instrumental rock 'n roll combo
Luau Cinders Instrumental surf, Rock
Mark Malibu & the Wasagas Surf Punk Instrumental
Matt Heaton & the Electric Heaters Surf Noir
Men in Gray Suits Classic instrumental surf rock
Meteor IV Surf, Instro, Original
Mister Neutron Surf & instro rock
Mofos Surf Instro Metal
Monterreys Surf, Spaghetti Western, Sci-Fi/Spy
Mystery Men? Surf, Instrumental Rock
Neanderthals Primitive garage rock featuring Eddie Angel
Neptune Society Instrumental Surf Rock
North Shore Troubadours Progressive Surf Rock
NoSeRiDeRs Mod Surf Rock
Nuclear Juarez Instrumental surf & garage rock from San Antonio Texas
Octomen Instrumental Surf
Outpatients Instru-mental Surf-a-billy
Papaya Kings Garage-Surf
Paul Johnson 1960s surf music innovator, composer of "Mr. Moto", and member of many surf bands over the years
Phantom Creeps Sinister Surf
Preston Wayne 4 "King of the Whammy Bar" - hot rod surf
Primitive Finks Horror Surf
Recruders Surf 'n Trash
Reluctant Aquanauts Midwest's Youngest Surf / Instro Band
Renegade Lounge Surf
Retroliners Criminal Surf
Rev Hank Primitive Raw Twang
Reverb Galaxy Shredding, melodic surf instros w/reverb soaked guitars
Rip Chords Surf & Hot Rod with vocals
RoarShark Instrumental Surf
Ronnie Lake Surf, Hot Rod, Rock
Sea Devils Trad Surf
Sea Turtles Surf, Funk, Jazz
Serf Blasters Surf Rock trad and progressive, rockabilly
Serfs Ethnic, Instrumental Rock, Xtreme Polka
Sharkskins Surf, Garage
Shecky and the Twangtones Instrumental Surf & Twang
Simon and the Barsinisters Eclectic, including instro surf
Space Rangers Wild, reckless surf music from Germany
SPF4 (The Sun Protection Factor Four) Surf Inspired Instrumentals
SpyTones Surf, Instrumental
Squid Pussy Rebel Surf Rock
Strange But Surf Surf Rock & Roll
Stunt Doubles Surf-Instro, Cowpunk
Sufrajettes Psychedelic Surf Rock
Sump Pump Monkeys Scientific Power Surf
Supertones Vintage Surf
Surf and Turf Trad Surf and Rock 'n Roll
Surf Daddys Spy, Surf, Spaghetti
Surf Ratz Surf, Instro
Surf Res Q Trad Surf Rock
Surf Squad Dick Dale Tribute Band
Surfalicious Dudes California surf with an NY attitude
Surfer Rex Instrumental Action-Adventure!
Surge! Surf, Instro
Swiv-o-matics Charm City Surf
TarantinosNYC Surf, Soul, Spy, Spaghetti Western
Televisionaries Surf, Rockabilly
The Exotic Surf Tones Exotica, Surf, Lounge
The KBK Apocalyptic Surf
Thee Icepicks Instrumental hardcore surf
Thee Swank Bastards Vegas-style surf trio with hula hooping
theUNIDENTIFIED Sci Fi, Surf, Punk, Garage
They're Gonna Get You Super Rockin' Original Instro Surf
This Spy Surfs Surf & Spy Music
Trabants Surf, Garage, Psych, Indie, Exotica
Tritons Instrumental surf
Tsunami of Sound Surf, Rock instrumentals
Tsunamibots Surf Punk, Surf Rock
Turbosonics Instrumental, Surf, Rock (Hot Rod Surf)
Undertows Ventures-meet-The Beatles Surf
Underwater Bosses Surf Rock, Instro Surf, Surf Punk, Horror Punk
Urban Surf Kings Espresso Fueled Surf
Vanes Surf, Rock, Experimental
Venice Beach Muscle Club Instrumental traditional surf, 50's stuff, tiki, hot rod, soundtrack, lounge, spy
Vivisectors Psychedelia-Surf
Weisstronauts Eclectic guitar-based instrumental (with a few vocals, now and then)
WrayCyclers Instro, Rock (Link Wray / Davie Allan & the Arrows tribute)
X-ChromaTones Instrumental Surf, Rock
Zuni Fetish Experiment (ZFE) Instro Avant-Hard Rock