The goals of NESMA include:

  • To create a list of bands, contacts, supporters, venues, etc. that Alliance bands can access as resources and support, from Nova Scotia south to Florida, and west to St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • To further expand the musical expression of the surf/instrumental genre to the general population, and to accept and support the different influences that original music and bands have contributed, created, and developed, and are playing, actively or inactively, through bar gigs, shows, festivals, recording studios and/or in basement practice space.
  • To connect regional surf bands through a comprehensive communications network (who’s who, who’s new, who’s doing what & where).
  • To get and promote recognition for the surf bands in the north, east, southeast U.S. on a national and global level.

The vision of NESMA includes:

  • The belief that surf / instrumental bands can work together, trade shows (within and outside a band’s own region), exchange recordings, and eliminate “turf wars”.
  • The hope that established surf / instrumental bands can lend support, advice, and encouragement to those less fortunate or just starting out, for the benefit of the Alliance and the genre.
  • The ideal of creating a network for traveling bands to rely on for support when touring, even if it’s just a place to stay with surf-friendly supporters.
  • The belief that this Alliance will be a force to be reckoned with, within and outside the genre and the region.