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Venice Beach Muscle Club Venice Beach Muscle Club (2008)

Venice Beach Muscle Club, 2008 self titled CD release

Evan Dawson, Lead Guitar

Melina Coppa, Rhythm Guitar

Steve Leroy, Bass

Todd Martin, drums

Have you ever gone to see a band play live and been disappointed because they didn't have a CD

you could purchase and bring home? That was happening to fans of Venice Beach Muscle Club

until just recently with the release of self-titled CD Venice Beach Muscle Club, or simply VBMC to

their friends.


This CD has been a long time in the making and well worth the wait. Listening to the slow sultry

sounds of Apache brings me back to VMBC's outdoor summer shows at the LIC Bar. The original

Coney Island (Here I Come) by drummer Todd Martin sounds exactly like a trek down the boardwalk

stopping briefly to soak in interesting sites that only Coney Island holds for you. This song is very

fluid and the guitars talk to the rhythm section like two friends passing the time on the sands.


But nothing can compare to Evan Dawson's inventive and erotic guitar on Taste of Honey and

Sleepwalk. You'll also be amazed as the band covers White Rabbit and Paint It Black. When I

close my eyes I am reminded of the first time I heard them play Paint It Black at Otto's. The place

went nuts! Evan, Melina, Steve and Todd make is oh so clear that lyrics, while beautiful, are

sometimes over-rated. The CD closes with another original by Todd Martin, a raw hard twangster

called Grinder. Driving drums and string-bending sounds end this CD on a high note with some

serious high energy surf.


This is not a complex CD, just the artists and their instruments.  I have personally listened to the

CD more times than I can remember and have played for so many others, from my 15 yr. old son

to my Mom (whose age I can't tell you!). This CD creates the same reaction for both, they love it!

The band has made a very memorable compilation CD consisting of the band's originals and covers.

They kept it simple and beautiful like the music should be heard. The mix of songs on VBMC's CD

are timeless. I heartily encourage you to find the time to catch this band live and pick up a copy of

your own.


Aloha, till we meet again my lovelies, I remain

Blue StingRaye

NESMA Reviewer and Sultany of Shimmy



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