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Two in the Hat (2004) - Cadillac Hitmen 

This eleven song CD is a real gem. The mix of studio recordings (tracks 1-6) and live recordings (tracks 7-11) at The Grog in Newburyport are clear and well done. The band was able to recruit a fine horn player in the person of Chris Elliot who added great depth to the title track "Two in the Hat". Your ears will really perk up when hear "Standoff", as the bass line drives the tune from the beginning to end. The Cadillac Hitmen saved the best for last with "Peyote". The final song on the CD epitomizes this fine piece of hard work. It slowly draws you in, brings you to a crescendo and just when think it's over you, they crank it up again. And is there a special extra live track? Well, you'll just have to purchase this CD and find out for yourself!

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