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3/4/06 - Fin-Ddicators, Neptune Society, and Surf Res Q in NJ

Ol West BBQ shredded last Saturday.
Surf Res Q was so cool, playing Link Wray (thank you very much) and switching instruments!!!! Also, lots of cool distortion; it really works!
Fin-Dicators shredded on their home turf. This is no lie. "Baja" and "Dueling Guitars" (is that the name) are my faves.
My band has decided to shrink our title by two words. We are now Neptune Society. Hope this makes it easier to remember. Despite our efforts to play as loud and fast as Slayer, we actually got some dancers (again, thank you very much).
Neptune Society


Bruce from SRQ here. Keith, you are my freaking hero !!!! What a great night at the old west BBQ!!! Each band had their own unique sound, the Findicators rocked, and the Neptune Society just blew me away....where ska meets surf. My biggest laugh of the night was when Keith came to the mike and announced the Neptune Society by saying "Surf Rock, motherf***ers!" and kicking off into their first song. I almost peed myself.

I've known Bill M. of the findicators for a while now and he's been a great SRQ supporter - and I finally got the chance to hear his band and they were just SUPER - spot-on trad surf and some really good originals. It was a great night and I'm sure each band could have played two sets of good material, if we had the time. As they say, let's do this again, sometime!


Surf Res Q


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