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1/19/08 - Gein & the Graverobbers, SPF-4, and The Wake The Wake in Providence RI

I am very remiss in posting this late review, but wanted to bring attention to this show even after the fact.

On Sat. Jan. 19 Mike & I drove out to Providence RI to catch Surf Night at Jerky's on 71 Richmond St. I understand this was a Surf Night set up by the club, hopefully with more to follow. There was a very good crowd at the club, which had a large stage area and plenty of room on the sides for multiple-band equipment. Throughout the night I was very impressed with the crowd - they stood up front and were really interested in the music (as you know, often this is not the case in clubs with live music). Some of the crowd were there specifically to see one or another of the 3 bands, but many seemed to be there just for surf music in general.

First was The Wake The Wake, a brand-new Providence band; some of the members live right down the street from the club, and most of them are avid surfers. Their typical 3-piece line-up was complemented by a keyboard and bongos. They played all original instrumental, surf-ish tunes at this, their very first gig playing out. I am always impressed when bands go straight for the originals! The band members were very nice, and very interested to learn of the larger surf scene, and they were very appreciative of the other two veteran bands on the bill. Check out this new band at

Next up - SPF-4! These guys are all excellent musicians, and super-professional, with one of the strongest lead dual-guitar attacks on the scene today. I had not heard them in a while, and was very pleasantly surprised to hear a set of almost all originals! They have really been writing up a storm, and we can look forward to these tunes on an upcoming CD that I believe is being recorded now. Rob & Dave can write some VERY pretty melodies, and they bring a variety of influences to their surf sound.

Finally - the crowd was ready for Gein & the Graverobbers! I had not heard these guys in a while either, and they sounded very strong and powerful. Some of this was due to their new bass player, who not only played the bass, but spanked, slapped, chopped, punched, and used other non-traditional techniques to get the rough, creepy sounds called for by Gein's music. Gein & Myra were in fine form, very up-front, energized (in a ghoulish way) and very entertaining while delivering forceful music. Sloth on drums played hard, and looked sufficiently crazy doing it to add to the band's overall effect.

There hasn't been much surf music in Providence in a while - let's keep this foot in the door, and hope that surf nights continue at Jerky's! Thanks Gein, SPF-4, and The Wake The Wake for a great show!


Sandy ("Oceana") of 9th Wave
Surf Flute/Farfisa Organ/Rhythm Guitar
Member North East Surf Music Alliance (NESMA)


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