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Band Name The Vivisectors
Genre Psychedelia-Surf
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Performance Area Brooklyn NY, NYC, CT
Home Venue (originally from Russia)
Year Band Formed 1998
NESMA Member Since Honorary member since 2009; regular member since 2015
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Discography Case History of John Doe (2004)

Handmade (2005)

Gulag Tunes I (2005)

Gulag Tunes 2 (2006)

Gulag Tunes 3 (2007)

Dark Territory (2010)

Creatures (2011)

Happy Halloween (2011)

Weird Tales of Ghastly Island (2012)

S.U.R.F. (release date 3/17/17)

Status Currently active - performing & recording
Mike Vivisector - lead guitar

Ivan Vivisector - bass

Ronan Berry - drums




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