NESMA Band Member

Band Name SPF4 (The Sun Protection Factor Four)
Genre Surf Inspired Instrumentals
Contact Name Dave Kroll, Rob Brooks, Tony Maciag
Contact Email

Performance Area Northeast USA - will travel to Fiji though...
Home Venue Paper City Brewery, Holyoke MA

Iron Horse Music Hall, Northhampton MA

Year Band Formed 2004
NESMA member since 2004
Alternate Band Name  
Discography MP3s on website

SPF-4: Surf Session 1 (2005)

Surf 'n Turf (2010)

Summer Sampler - 5-song EP Demo (2013)

Status Currently active - performing

Rob Brooks, guitar; Dave Kroll, guitar; Tony Maciag, bass; Mark Archer on drums


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NESMA "Spotlight" interview - July 2005 

NESMA "Spotlight" interview revisited - December 2014

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