NESMA Band Member

Band Name The Urban Surf Kings
Genre Espresso Fueled Surf
Contact Name Michael Diabo (Reverend Hank Mumps)
Contact Email
Performance Area Nova Scotia, Canada
Home Venue Marquee Club / Hell's Kitchen
Year Band Formed 1995
NESMA member since 2003
Alternate Band Name  
Discography Live in Hell (2005)

Get Instro-Mental! with the Urban Surf Kings (2000)

Urban Surf Kings Play el Toro! & Other Favorites (1999, 4 song 7", out of print)

The Man from S.U.R.F. (1997, CDep, out of print)

Surfin' Santa (1996, cassette ep, out of print)

Looking Sharp (1996, cassette ep, out of print)

(also - 9 compilations, 7 upcoming releases, and 6 film & TV credits)

Status Currently active - performing & recording



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NESMA "Spotlight" interview - March 2004

NESMA "Spotlight" interview revisited - February 2011

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